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Customized Lexar Jump Drives: A Marketing Tool

Customize JumpDrives products with your company name, logo or web address.  Or use a combination.  It’s a corporate gift that’s unforgettable and practical.  

We offer a unique way to personalize gifts for clients and customers.  It’s an effective marketing tool for merchandising, promotions and corporate gifts.  It also works as an employee appreciation gift.   

Two color logo pad printed on a Secure II JumpDrive

Depending on the JumpDrive model you choose, your name, logo or web URL can be etched or printed on each JumpDrive in different areas, depending on the model.  We can accommodate your needs and give you the look you want.          

Think beyond the usual and make a statement with a customized Lexar JumpDrive.

Pick the JumpDrive that works for you and request a quote today.

Available only in quantities of 500 or more, call for details.

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